10 Things To Put In Your Backpack For Work This January!

The New Year is the time many of us want to make some changes to our lives. For example, it may be just the right moment to start planning that all-important career move. Or maybe you’ve committed to getting fit, learning a new skill or quitting a bad habit.

If you want to be more organised at work over the next 12 months, having a really reliable and stylish bag is important. Ideally, you want to be prepared for anything when you step outside that door and head to work.

1. Your Smart Devices

Most of us nowadays have one or more pieces of tech that we can’t do without. Fitting them into one bag can be a bit of a challenge. You may need to take your laptop and a smartphone, perhaps even a Kindle or tablet.

Being connected is an important part of our modern world and gives us so many opportunities we never had before. If you’re looking to develop different skills this year, one tip we have is not to waste that trip to work. Get your smartphone out of your backpack and start learning to speak a new language or learn new things.

2. A Battery Charger

The worse thing about smart kit like mobile phones and tablets is that they eat battery power. One way to get around this is to include a pre-charged battery in your backpack so that you can boost the juice when you’re away from home or in an emergency.

The good news is that Stash+Stow backpacks come with a charger as standard. You literally won’t have to worry about low batteries ever again.

3. A Healthy Lunch

One of your New Year resolutions might be to eat healthier. It’s much easier to do this if you make your own lunch and don’t get tempted by snacks and processed foods while at work.

Ensure that you stay awake in the afternoon and have plenty of energy by including a lunch box packed with goodness in your backpack.

4. Copies of Your CV

Yes, you can have your CV on your laptop or smartphone but also make sure you keep a few hard copies to hand. You may meet your dream employer or spot a job opportunity and a hard copy is easy to produce, especially if you’re in a hurry.

5. Gym Kit and Yoga Mat

Keep yourself fit over the next few months and build a whole new you. A gym kit easily fits into most backpacks and gives you the chance to burn some of that energy off either during lunchtime or after work.

6. Bottle of Water

Staying hydrated can be a serious problem in modern society. If you drink too much coffee or go for a glass or two of wine after work, it’s important to balance this with enough water. Always add a bottle to your backpack before you head out to work and take sips throughout the day.

7. Umbrella and Sunglasses

The weather can be pretty changeable over January and February and you need to be prepared. That means including an umbrella and a pair of sunglasses before you head out the front door. The low sun during the winter can always be an issue and a quality pair of shades will protect your eyes.

8. Tissues and Hand Sanitizer

Not very interesting, we know, but bugs in the office are a really big issue. The last thing you want is to catch a winter cold and spend time off work. Carry a hand sanitizer with you and some tissues, just in case.

9. Lip Balm, Face Spray and Deodorant

Staying fresh while at work can be difficult too, especially if the pressure is on. A rejuvenating face spray livens up your skin in a matter of seconds and lip balm will prevent your smile looking dry. Always have a deodorant ready so you don’t get caught out.

10. Breath Mints

Finally, you may be called into that last-minute meeting at the end of the day or you might have eaten something during lunch that had too much garlic, so include some breath mints in your backpack.

If you are searching for the perfect, stylish backpack that is perfect for all sorts of occasions, check out Stash+Stow today.