Beat those Monday blues with Stash+Stow - 11 ways to boost your mood!

We all have days where we feel down in the dumps, sad, disheartened or depressed. Here are 11 ways to help boost your mood and beat those Monday blues.

Listen to some happy, upbeat music

 Music can be a total mood changer, listening to music can be extremely therapeutic.

2. Call a friend

Sometimes all you need is a good old chin wag with your friends to lift your mood. Have a gossip, hear out each other’s problems, and catch up! They may need it too!

3. Eat well

Make sure you opt for a healthier option. Feeding your body foods with the right nutritional needs is important as it helps with the energy you need to keep active throughout the day. Don’t forget to drink lots of water so that you stay hydrated.

4. Create a mood board

Create a vision board of something that inspires you. What do you envisage this year to look like? Focusing on setting goals for yourself, this will lift your mood and take your mind off of the cold and dull weather.

5. Get moving and exercise to produce those endorphins

Increased endorphins in your body will naturally make you feel happier and alleviate the feelings of those winter blues. Being active is not only great for your physical health but also mentally!

6. Watch your favourite movie or show

Get your mind off of things by turning on your favorite movie or show, snack on your favorite food, and have a little giggle!  It’ll instantly make you feel happier.

7. Treat yourself

Buy yourself something that you’ve been eyeing up or wanting for a long time.

8. Self-care

If you’re feeling stressed, find ways to unwind - Paint your nails, shape your eyebrows, put on a hair or face mask.

9. List out what you’re grateful for

Instead of feeling down and focusing on how bad you feel, write down everything that you’re grateful for at this very moment.

10. Get an early night

Good quality sleep is key! Getting a good nights sleep will make you feel more positive and energised.

11. Take a walk  

Even if it's a light walk, spend time in nature and embrace the outdoors. A little fresh air and time outside is always a great way to instantly put you in a good mood.