Find The Best Backpack for City Commuting: Our Top Tips

City life can be exhilarating, challenging and frustrating. If you’ve ever been stuck on a tube train or bus trying to get to work, crowded in with other hundreds of other people, you probably know what we mean.

Millions of people commute to work in the city every day in the UK. Every working day, we climb onto trains, our backpacks hitched over our shoulders, vying for space and hoping we’re going to have a comfortable journey.

If you are looking for the best backpack for work, it’s worth bearing in mind these important tips:

Make Sure Your Backpack is Fit for Purpose

We can often get side tracked by choosing a backpack that looks good. Of course, it’s important to create an impression. But it’s also vital to make sure that your backpack is fit for purpose. That means it’s going to do everything you need it to.

But it’s just a bag, you may say!

Yes, that’s true. But backpack design has changed dramatically over the last few years. For example, many now have specialist compartments that are used for keeping things like laptops safe.

First of all, the last thing you want is to get your new backpack home and find that it won’t carry everything you need for your city commute. That’s why it’s essential to put a good deal of thought into your purchase.

Look For Versatility

That means looking for a backpack that gives you plenty of opportunity to do everything you want. Let’s say that you not only want to take your tech but pack your lunch, your gym equipment (for your post-work exercise class), your yoga mat and maybe a change of shoes.

You don’t really want to be carrying these separately (especially on a crowded train or bus), so a backpack that is versatile will give you more options to stay hands-free.

For example, our Stash+Stow backpacks have straps that allow you to tie on your yoga mat so you don’t have your hands full. You can also carry the backpack in different ways including as a briefcase-style bag.

Not All Backpacks Are Made Equal

The point to remember is that there are a lot of different options out there and it’s not always easy to find exactly the right backpack that matches your needs. Some have too few compartments or simply don’t look the part for city commuting. Others are just way too bulky for getting on a crowded train.

Make a List of What You Need to Carry

The first thing you need to do when selecting a new backpack is make a list of what you are likely to use it for. You may be someone who doesn’t like to carry too much around, in which case a smaller pack will suit you.

Most people like to cover all eventualities, however, and need one, versatile backpack that will respond to their daily circumstances. For example, you may not go to the gym or a yoga class every day but you want the option to be able to pack easily for that. The more specific you can be about your needs, the more likely you are going to find the right backpack.

Always Shop Around

Our biggest tips is always to shop around. There are literally thousands of backpacks out there and the best place to find them is online. You are more likely to discover something that really suits your needs rather than a backpack that is okay but not great for everything.

What Makes Stash+Stow So Great?

Stash & Stow backpacks were designed with the city commuter in mind. Struggling with too many bags means that getting on public transport and heading to work is a challenge. Our backpacks include specialist compartments, ingenious hooks and straps that makes the most of the space you have.

If you are searching for a city commuter backpack that really delivers, check out our Stash+Stow backpacks today.