What To Look For When Shopping For A backpack for Gym And Work

With gyms reopening and work life slowly transitioning to the new norm, health and wellbeing is at the forefront of our minds and staying fit has never been more important. Whether you’re walking to work or working out in your lunch break, choosing the right backpack to meet your wants and needs is essential.

A good backpack is one that combines functionality with style. You want a bag that is durable, has plenty of compartments and pockets for organising, spacious enough to hold all your gym gear and one that can also double up as an overnight bag or for a weekend trip away. 

Make Sure Your Backpack is Fit for Purpose
We can often get side tracked by choosing a backpack that looks good. Of course, it’s important to create an impression. But it’s also vital to make sure that your backpack is fit for purpose and is going to do everything you need it to.
That means looking for a backpack that gives you plenty of opportunity to do everything you want.

Let’s say that you not only want to take your laptop but pack your lunch, your gym equipment, yoga mat and maybe a change of shoes. You don’t really want to be carrying these separately (especially on crowded transport) or your daily commute, so a backpack that is versatile will give you more options to stay hands-free.

Gym backpack with laptop compartment

If you’ve ever used a backpack for work and gym you know that padded laptop/tablet sleeves are real lifesavers.

These protective compartments help you carry your laptop to and from work without worrying about breaking them or having them interfere with your gym wear.

Gym backpack with comfy Shoulder Straps

Since you’ll be carrying the bag all day long you need a set of straps that are comfy and won’t dig into your shoulders.

Look for a backpack that is comfortable to wear even when you have to carry around heavy loads. A good daypack/work backpack should come with padded shoulders and a padded back.

Gym backpack with bottle holder

Carrying your water bottle comfortably is an overlooked, but essential part of staying hydrated. It also makes all of the difference for avoiding disposable bottles that you can just throw away after you’re done drinking from them.

A water bottle holder makes your water easily accessible throughout the day without having to remove your backpack.

Gym backpack with yoga mat holder

If you love a positive yoga session but find it difficult to juggle all your gear from one place to another, rather than rolling your mat up and slipping it awkwardly under your arm, some gym bags are specially designed for carrying a rolled-up yoga mat.

Gym backpack with separate compartment for wet storage, shoes or lunch box

You probably have some items that you carry regularly which are a bit more troublesome than others. If you want to transport your lunch or change of shoes to and from work, a wipeable compartment is important to keep things fresh and hygienically clean. That goes the same for when you want to pack your gym kit, trainers or even your wet swimsuit and goggles.

Gym backpack with USB charger  

The worse thing about smart phones and tablets is that they eat battery power. One way to get around this is to include a pre-charged battery in your backpack so that you can boost the juice when you’re away from home or in an emergency.

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